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Adventures in God's Creation offers mission trips & safaris to Kenya, Africa. During these trips we see amazing wildlife and do mission work at the Olpalagilagi Maasai Mara School.

Future Mission Trips & Safaris to Tanzania and Kenya are being scheduled for the near future. Please contact us for more information about the trips or to find out ways that you can help the children at the Olpalagilagi School. We are currently in need of Bibles for each of the kids and donated tennis type shoes (new or gently used) for approximately 190 children aged 6 - 13.  

Olpalagilagi school was established by Cottars Wildlife
Conservation Trust after a request by the Olderekesi Village as this part of the
Maasai Mara community had no school for their children.

The school started with one classroom and has now grown to 5 classrooms
made of brick and 2 classrooms made of mud. From just a handful of
children in the beginning, we are now up to 190 children from the age of 6
to 13 years old.

The school received some support in the last few years by the government
who now pay for 3 of the 7 teachers.  Cottars Wildlife Conservation Trust
pays for the other teachers and also provides basic school books and has
for the last 2 years paid for a lunch programme where every child receives
a free lunch. The provision of lunch doubled the number of children in
school and quadrupled the number of girls attending school.

The Cottars Wildlife Conservation Trust will not have sufficient funds to
continue to pay for the school feeding programme.

The children follow the Kenya national curriculum - details of which can
be found in the Kenyan Ministry of Education website.  The books can be
sourced from a shop called the Textbook Centre in Nairobi who have a

Call 904-210-4469 or email us at 
for more information or to schedule a mission trip.


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